Windows 10 Pro Crashing and Ownership issues

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    Hello all,

    System Specs: i7 7700K/ Aorous Z270 Gaming 5/ 16gb crucial ballistix elite 2666, samsung pro 960 256 nvme boot drive, 1080TI FE on water.

    I just recently reinstalled Windows 10 Pro and have been experiencing strange bugcheck crashes. With that said, I downloaded Microsofts SDK for Win 10 I could attempt to read the memory dump file and started coming across files that says I don't have access to. Specifically it says " You do not have permission to open this file. See the owner of the file or an administrator to obtain permission." I have gone ahead and made sure I am the admin and even took ownership of the files but nothing works. What is strange is that when this was occurring a few days back, I was able to access the memory.dmp file from WinDgb without issue. For whatever reason now, it is telling me as I stated above I don't have permission.

    To further expand, I have been experiencing the aforementioned bugcheck crashes. I was originally getting random stop code errors from event viewer. The two common ones were 0x0000003b and .0x0000013.
    Obviously if I could read the minidump I might be able to see what it is, or at least post it up here for help. I did experience the first stop code earlier in the week and thought it was resolved by rolling back my nVidia drivers which seemed to stabilize everything until friday evening when the crashing started again while in games. At this point, I again went into safe mode, ran DDU wiped my graphics drivers and reinstalled. That still did not work.

    Fast forwarding to yesterday (Saturday), I wiped every drive in my machine (2 x Samsung 850 Evos, 1 x Samsung 960 Evo NVME, Kingston Hyper X SSD and WD 2Tb Black) and reinstalled Windows 10 Pro onto the NVME drive. Afterwards, everything seemed fine, not crashing until I began crashing again this evening. Instead of the bugcheck crashes listed above, I am now getting stop code 0x0000007e. With that in mind, I again do not have permission to view the dump file. I also now see in event viewer a ton of error relating to cortana (esentially says did not register with DCOM within the required timeout).

    Now, one thing I am beginning to think is that the particular system I am using is in place of my X99 system. Prior to moving this Kaby Lake system to my main rig, I was not using an NVME drive (just regular old Samsung Evo 850 drive). When I moved my x99 out, and put the Kaby Lake system in, I purchased an NVME drive. Since I have installed it, it would seem that everything has gone crazy. The NVME drive is a samsung 960 evo. Samsung Magician says everything looks good though. I also memtested my memory (Crucial Ballistix Elite 2666) and that checked out fine.

    Any idea what in the world is going on here. It's getting quite frustrating. I can get these crashes to occur mostly when I put the system underload (i.e. gaming or streaming).

    Thank You

    Here are a couple of images I get when trying to take ownership.