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Discussion in 'Build Your Own PC' started by hendunesia, Feb 16, 2012.

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    It's not too bad but not the components I would pick out individually. I would change a few things. I do not like the power supply, memory, or hard drive.
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    Let's pick at it:

    1.for starters the rosewill case is just that. A case-it'll work. +

    2.the rosewil psu is not the best choice. I have one of their better psu's and its still going after 2 years. But then it's one of thier better models. 50 bucks for a case and psu...I wouldn't put much stock in that being a reliable psu. -

    3. Gigabyte makes decent Motherboards and they will stand behind them. According to Khali, though their support is not so good. =

    4.The AND cpu and graphics card is a nice price together. Really cant beat that. And both the products are known reliable brands. +

    5.Gskill gets grreat reviews at newegg and other online stores, but the system builders here will tell you this brand is not to be trusted. -

    6. 500 gb hdd at 6gb/s for $100 bucks is nothing to sneeze at. While Seagate has lost alot of faithful customers due to a firmware issue a few years back, it's made them hard to swallow, but no issues have been noted recently. Again nice price on the drive, I'd say its worth it. +

    7. the thermal take cooler. Its a cooler, It'll do the job. =

    three for plus, two for minus, and two equals come out to just barely on the plus side. Add in the savings and its a nice deal.

    The problem you will have is when the psu fails (and it will) it will most likely take out another component (or more)with it. The other drawback is the Gskill ram. A lot of people seem to be okay with it, but I wouldn't want it due to the professionals here say dont get it.

    So its a nice deal if you're willing to take a bit of a risk. On a scale of 1 - 100 for price and reliability I'd stick it about 60 to 65.
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    rwest summed up the issues most of us would have with that selection nicely. To me it comes down to what your use case is. This would be a great little test box to futz around with, but I don't think I would trust it for day to day use. As said, that PSU will very likely die relatively soon and probobly take a few other components with it.

    $300 for a brand new linux test box, or DIY firewall, not bad. I wouldn't use it for anything mission critical like a primary machine or NAS though.
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