Patience the key?

Discussion in 'Windows Legacy Support (XP and earlier)' started by fatboyjim, May 23, 2002.

  1. fatboyjim


    Feb 21, 2001

    I'm running XP Pro, I wanted to try and install Linux for some reason yesterday. I decided to try Partition Magic. I got it, resized my original partition and added a swap and Ext2 partition etc (as per the manual)

    When I rebooted (it ordered me to) I was presented with a screen telling me exactly what it was doing. It said it was resizing the partition. It went through this in about 3 mins (20 gig drive) and then stopped (no HDD activity and no progress on-screen at 72% of the 'Truncating unused space' or something (late last night I can't remember :))

    I got bored after 10 minutes of sitting there waiting for the HDD to start again and pressed reset (obviously this shafted everything and I've had to format this morning)

    And no, I couldn't be bothered to make any emergency PartMagic disks. I have no valuable data so there was no point

    Obviously it's all up and running again now (within an hour of trying). Should I bother trying again? If I do should I wait longer before assuming the worst?

    Thanks, Jim
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  2. Statica


    Jun 29, 1999
    partition magic, left to its own devices, usually does the job and yes I have seen it have a bit of a delay at times. Btw .. are you creating the new partitions as formatted to ext2 or are you just repartitioning existing partitions. Try leaving the new partitions blank (ie. not create ext2/swap partitions). Also try reducing the number of partitions you are creating with partition magic and see if that helps.

    I couldnt help but wonder why you were using partition magic if you formatted why you couldnt repartition before formatting in the first place .. perhaps there is something I am missing.
  3. Tuf


    Dec 21, 1999
    LOL...Yeah just let it go if you have data on the drive it has to move it to a place in the correct partition. Also if you have Partition Magic set to check for bad sectors it can take a long time. At times it can seem as though it has stalled. It will run much faster if you uncheck the bad sector checking, and leave a little bit of space at the end of the drive. You don't need much, five or ten megs will work. If you are running XP Pro and NTFS I think you need Partition Magic 7.
    Good Luck with it. Let us know how it turns out.