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    Yesterday I downloaded a completely new flight simulator called Dovetail Games Flight School.

    For only 15 bucks from Steam you get quite a bit. The physics are real and so are the aircraft. The sim is oriented towards those who are a complete newbie to flight sims, which is a good thing because the other sims assume that you already have a certain level of knowledge about flying least on a computer. :) For now the planes available are a Piper PA-18 and a Piper PA-28, which are pretty basic aircraft that are good for learning and practicing. Dovetail will eventually have hundreds of aircraft to choose from. The planes can be flown with a keyboard although eventually you will want a joystick or better yet a yolk.

    The software has a school mode and a free flight mode that allows you to takeoff and land anywhere in the world. There are thousands of airports to choose from which include the accompanying's pretty impressive in that respect. There are also thousands of radio nav aids to choose from for your flight planning. The plane has a working VOR (onboard radio nav aid) that you can use for learning. It also has a GPS, which of course makes the navigation super easy. It has a working radio stack and the ability to have airport communications. And yes, this software allows you to do a flight plan. It kinda requires it, but they make the flight planning easy.

    So I spent about 4 hours yesterday using the sim and was left quite impressed. The physics are real...unlike a lot of flying games that are out there. This is one of the major differences between a sim and a flying game. The controls in the cockpit are all real and all work. The scenery is also very impressive. I spent time flying around the Reno area and around the SF looked pretty realistic. I would say better than the stock scenery you get from Microsoft Flight Simulator X although I have seen better pay-for scenery, shading, clouds, reflections and ground detail in MS FSX...but you pay for it.

    Dovetail plans on expanding more and more to make it the best of the flight simulators...better than Microsoft Flight Sim X which is 32 bit and is no longer being developed by Microsoft. Dovetail will also be a competitor to 64 bit X-Plane, where although the physics are good, the add on software for X-Plane is very limited.

    I didn't bother linking the video for the sim from Dovetail since the intro is so cheesy and the graphics are not from the flight sim itself (what's with that guys?). So here is a great description of what it is like to use the software from this guys YouTube video. Remember to put the video settings on 1080p.

    If you are into flight sims then have fun!
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