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    Jul 18, 2010
    Hi all

    I am a Female, and I live in NYC
    I am extremely inquisitive LOL, I've been roaming forum's and youtube for awhile to check out pc parts.
    I am by far no enthusiast, but not quite a beginner

    I've built about 10 pc's in the past...heres how it all came about

    I first became interested in computers when I bought my first desktop which was somewhere around 1998ish, it was one of the pc's from one of those pc tv programs that use to run, it had a wooping 20 gigs of hard drive LOL.

    One day the floopy disc just stop working (which was needed back then) so I called tech support and they told me I'd have to ship it in for repairs geesh! go through all of that and risk not getting it back no no no!

    so I took a dreaded look inside of the pc to see if it looked possible to fix and surprisingly it did, so off to staples I went to get a brand new floppy drive and it was so simple and easy to fix, whatever I did to take out the old floopy I just remembered it and reversed the procedure when putting in the new.

    Next thing I knew I was updating the sound card to a sound blaster live, the graphics card to a aiw radeon, I was adding zip drives it was just a blast to me, I started getting carried away LOL.

    I remember my first 200gb hd costed around 400 bucks, I took the plunge lol, I even took the plunge on the ATI AIW 9700 Pro which was also about $400 bucks, but that card was a disater for me it had so many forums filled with bad reviews on that card...I could never get it to work, I still have it though LOL.

    Since then I have built around 10 simple pc's

    I know for me I put in a hell of a lot of research when building a pc which can be tiresome, so last year I wanted a pc that can handle viewing of hd videos and so I really did'nt want to do reasearch so I decided to just buy a desktop...I went for the HP e9180f and BOY was that a disaster it would start out ok and everything seemed beautiful until within 30 to 45 minutes in all hell broke loose...bsod constant freezes, you name it sheesh what a waste! so now I have that dead beat sitting on the side LOL.

    This year I was looking at the gateway fx 6803-25 it was around 1500 bucks, I even bought it but I never opened it. At the time there were really no reviews on it and I was afraid that it may be a dud and I did'nt want that experience again so I took it back and decided hey! I might as well build me one and so here I am, that's what brought me to this forum and a couple of others. LOL

    I've always been just a simple builder not really an enthusiasts
    I've never really overclocked or anything like that it just seem like it's so much to learn, so I guess Im more of a plug and play builder

    most of the boards that I used were asus or epox and my harddrives were maxtors lol.

    so thats just a little bit about me and my intrest in pc building, Im not really a beginner and I am by far no Pro and hence I learn what I can from forums.

    That's me lol
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