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    Jan 7, 2007
    I have been registered on PC Mechanic for a long time now however I haven't been around. A lot of things has happened lately and I want to try to get more active.

    I'm 26 and I was born on an Air Force base in FL. I've been around ever since and I will continue to do so since I followed my dad and enlisted 7 years ago. I am married with no kids however, that will be changing. We are separated right now. She left back in August. I remember the date and time she left. I was use to a routine for years and when she left my system shutdown. I am doing a lot better now and looking to get this over with so I can retrain into another career field. I'm a 2S0 (Supply) troop but I can't stand it. I'm looking at either AFOSI or SF. If I don't get OSI I might just wait until next Spring when the next NCO Retraining Advisory gets released. My deployment window is coming up but due to my separation and divorce they put me on a mobility profile so I shouldn't be going anywhere right now. I would also like to do a 365 deployment but I would like to do many things but I will have to decide on which path is best.

    I'm a big into computers and gaming so at the moment I've been doing a little gaming. I need to fix my moms computer that I brought with me the last time I was home. My family thinks I'm crazy. I have four desktops, two notebooks & one file server. One desktop is an old emachine that was my first computer. I bought it back in the '90s. The next desktop is a HP that I bought in 2002 I believe while we were visiting my sister and her husband at the time at Charleston AFB. My next desktop I bought after I got married in 2004. It is a Dell XPS 400. It should be working but I believe the network port does not work. My latest desktop is the one I'm using and that I built myself and got help from members here back in early 2009 before my deployment.

    For my notebooks, I have a Dell XPS 1530 and a Alienware M11x. I did have an Alienware m9700. My wife used a Dell XPS M1730 which I let her have.

    I hope to be around more often but only time will tell.