FTP using DD-WRT and DynDNS

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  1. Jester


    Jun 18, 2002
    Chicago, IL

    DynDNS standard account
    Linksys E4200 router running DD-WRT Build 17201 mega
    WD WorldBook Edition (WDWBE) NAS FTP enabled on port 8989

    I am trying to access my WDWBE via FTP.
    - I have FTP enabled through the WDWBE admin interface and set the port to 8989.
    - I have a port forwarding rule set in DD-WRT for the IP address of the Worldbook to port 8989.
    - I have added a dynDNS CNAME for my WAN IP directed to files.bgulley.com

    I still cant access ftp://files.bgulley.com with or without the port specified from outside my home network.

    Am I missing something or do I have something miss-configured? Any help is appreciated.

    Caveats: Not looking to change my version of DD-WRT as it is the most stable version for my router, and I am not looking to set up an alternate FTP server. My WDWBE is where the files I need access too are stored. I know I could just remote into my host machine that has network access, but that is a little to "Inception" like for me. I would like direct access.
  2. Force Flow

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    Aug 23, 2002
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    Since you're using a non-standard port, you'll need to include the port number in the address, ie: ftp://example.org:8989

    If you ping the dyndns name, does it return the WAN address of your router?