Blocking Internet Access on a Network Computer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by imrsalas, May 5, 2004.

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    I work in a company and we would like to find a way to block internet access from a particular computer. We are using Windows NT and the computer is running Windows 98. We are also using a DSL with a DHCP server. Any advise would help. Thank you.
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    on your router, build an access control list identifying the PC you want to block and set that for no WAN/internet access.
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    GLC gave me the idea to either have static IP's and block it's WAN access at the router or set up sharing via NetBEUI and turn off TCP/IP on that computer.
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    Be careful with NetBEUI - it's fine for small networks, but when you get over about 10 machines, it falls apart. Being nonrouteable, it's constantly broadcasting, when you have that many machines broadcasting, network traffic can get very congested.

    I like the static IP idea - you don't have to assign ALL the machines static IP's, just the one you want to block. Assign it an IP in your subnet but outside the DHCP scope.

    If the only computer that this one has to communicate with is the NT server, you could install NetBEUI on just the server and that one workstation without killing network performance.
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    Thank you to everyone that responded to this thread. I went ahead and assigned a static IP to the computer and it is blocking its access to the internet without and problems within the system.

    Again, thank you to everyone that responded.