Are these parts good for a gaming pc?

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  1. Focus27


    Jul 16, 2011
    I have a Budget of £900 my list of parts came up to £895
    Im looking to buy a pc that can play modern and future games very well
    I currently have a Sony VAIO laptop, however compared to some of my friends PC's its slow and it can really play any games because it has a crappy intergrated GPU.
    Later on I probally would try like Sli(is that Nvidia only?!?) or Crossifre or something or Dual or Triple Moniters when i get some more cash.
    Have the parts ive chosen good , if not can you reconmmend better parts plz
    Here are my parts:
    Mobo:Asus Crosshair IV Formula=149
    CPU:Amd Phenom II X6 110T black edition=154
    Mem:Corsair Venegance 4gb 1600 Mhz DDR3=33
    GPU:power Color HD 6970 2gb GDDR5==253
    CASE+PSU:Cooler Master centuro with red interior with 650 W GX PSU (Corsair)==95
    HDD=Samsung HD1035J F3 ITb=40
    Opt Drive: Lg GH22NS70=15
    Cpu Cooler: Cooler Mater Hyper 212=16
    Moniter: LG Q236IV-PF 23 inch Gaming HDMI Moniter=130

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    Replace the Samsung drive with a WD Black and the GX power supply with a TX. If you need to cut costs, you can downgrade the motherboard. If the CPU comes with a cooler, you don't need that aftermarket cooler.

    Make sure that ram is a dual channel kit, not a single module.

    For the money, I'd get a fast quad core instead of a 6 core.

    A single 6970 is plenty good enough to drive 3 monitors.