answerworks runtime?

Discussion in 'Online Security' started by ztx, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. ztx


    Jul 16, 2005
    Was checking my programs in add/remove, and I see something called Answerworks Runtime, anyone know what thing is?

    running scans right now..


    Alright, scans show up clean, did some searching, looks it has to do with help files, I'm not sure what progs use this Answerworks, can anyone vertify its use?

    Safe to uninstall? Or leave it?
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  2. EzyStvy

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    Dec 30, 1999
    Dallas, Tx
    Did you google it and see all the available info:

    "AnswerWorks® is a cross-lingual question-answering engine that allows companies to add an easy-to-use natural-language interface to Help systems and web-based knowledge repositories. AnswerWorks lets users get answers to questions phrased in everyday language. Users simply type in questions and AnswerWorks retrieves the most pertinent topics. In a conventional search, the user's query needs to match the exact form of a word to be recognized. Using AnswerWorks, if the Help file contains the word "making" but not "make" or "makes", AnswerWorks will still return a likely topic based on a search for "make" - or even "build". The result is increased customer satisfaction and decreased support costs."