Terms of Service and Rules

The PCMech Community Forum is a place for a person of any user level, to ask any technical question, and get a civil and straightforward answer. The members and volunteer staff try to help everyone that has a question. Unfortunately, there are some users that ruin the overall experience for other members in the forums. Below are the simple rules that members are required to follow in order to provide for everyone's enjoyment of the PCMech Community Forum.

1. Offensive Material

Do not post anything you would not want a young child to see, or which you would not be comfortable viewing at work. If you see such material on the forums, DO NOT REPLY TO IT. Simply report the post by clicking the "Report" button in the post and allow the moderator staff to deal with it accordingly.

2. Flaming and Harassment

The moderator staff will not tolerate flaming, childish name-calling or other types of personal attacks on the forum. All members, as adults, are expected to be able to have civil discussions at all times, regardless of whether they agree or not. In the event a moderator steps into a thread to stop flaming, all members are expected to stop. Harassment is not allowed on the boards. Harassment can constitute any direct threat on a member, posting personal info about a member, posting any pictures of a member, etc. We don't care if a user's personal info can be found out through some other medium or another website. It will NOT be posted here. Stay out of people's personal lives. Any personal grudges against any other member are to be left at the door. Any conflict from outside of this forum which is brought into the forums will be handled swiftly and with a vengeance.

3. Sound Advice

Giving intentionally bad or malicious advice to any user, for any reason, is prohibited. All must keep in mind that this forum has people of all levels of experience, and everybody must be able to count on the quality of advice given on these forums.

4. Post Trickery

We won't put up with people messing with the quality of the boards or tricking any users. Thread titles must reflect the content of the post. We won't put up with any trick HTML, including javascript, intentionally bad or misleading links, or links to any sites which perform some malicious action to the user's computer or floods the user's browser with pop-ups.

5. Please Stay On-Topic

This is a computer related forum, so please keep conversations to technical topics. We do allow non-technical topics in the General Discussion forum, but that said, we still insist members stay away from political and religious debates. These subjects, by nature, lead into heated debate which we do not want on these forums.

6. The Watering Hole

We have a forum for political discussions and other topics that are not allowed in the rest of the forums. The rules in there are relaxed, but there are still lines that must not be crossed. Participation requires an opt-in. Repeated rules violations will result in your viewing and posting privileges in this forum being revoked.

7. No Advertising / SPAM

Businesses are not allowed to post advertisements of any form in these forums. Members are not allowed to make posts with the sole purpose of advertising their own or another website. Any form of SPAM will be deleted and the user account banned.

8. Treatment of Moderators

Any form of moderator harassment including insults, failing to delete a thread that you were asked to delete, doing the opposite of something you were asked to do, reposting a thread that was deleted, or protesting a ban may result in a ban. If you complain about what you feel are shortcomings of the current moderation team, either real or imaginary, you may be banned. If you don't like it here, feel free to leave. The mods are here to do a job. You will find the mods are easy-going people with "live, let live" philosophies as long as the rules are complied with. But, part of the etiquette here is to respect those with that responsibility. If you feel a change of policy is in order or that a moderator should reconsider something, always feel free to email or send a private message. We will not argue or debate moderator action or policy in public.

9. Account Accountability

A user account is to be used by one person only. This does not mean "one person at a time". A user account being used by more than one person may be terminated.

Each person is limited to one user account. If a user is found creating multiple accounts, those user accounts may be terminated.

10. Zero Tolerance on Piracy

NO WAREZ. NO SERIALS. NO CRACKS / CRACKING / ILLEGAL PROGRAMS. Anything that can be used in software piracy or other illegal software activities will result in a ban. Same goes for abusive programs like mailbombers, forum and usenet flooders and email harvesting bots. This also includes unreleased products. Workarounds which compromise security, bypass password protection, or otherwise go to gain unauthorized access to private data or information is prohibited. Links provided to locations that offer tutorials or tips for any of these activities are also forbidden.

11. Image Rules

No illegal images are allowed. No images showing an illegal activity are allowed. No porn. The above rule applies: If it is not work or child-safe, don't post it. Please post only ONE image per post, and we prefer that it be kept to a 640x480 pixel size or smaller. Do not leech images from other sites, please upload them to a photo sharing site or to your hard drive and upload them as attachments.

12. Signatures

Signatures must be kept clean and of reasonable size. Any signature which contains anything potentially offensive or which detracts from the quality of the forum will be edited by the moderating staff. We will make all effort to notify you via PM if we edit your signature. Sole decision on whether a signature is acceptable lies with the moderator staff. Do not post any images in your signature. If you restore your sig (un-do the change the moderator made) after it has been edited by a member of our staff, you will be subject to a ban.

13. Disclosures

Mechler Enterprises, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.


If you do not agree to these rules, you're free to no longer visit the PCMech Community Forum. If you do not like these rules, please do not register an account; it will be better for all parties involved. Remember: these are private forums and, by signing up, you agree to abide by these rules. We reserve the right to ban any user on our forums. That said, the entire point of these rules is to help provide a good, informative atmosphere for all members. We're not here to be drill sergeants or get off on an ego trip. Our mods have one job and that is to keep the peace and allow people who truly want to discuss the arena of personal computing or gain technical support to do so.

Although the administrators and moderators will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Mechler Enterprises, LLC or xenForo Ltd. (developers of xenForo) will be held responsible for the content of any message.