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10-07-2006, 11:23 AM
I'm looking for people with firsthand experience using wireless routers with midco comm as an ISP. I'm having some trouble with my setup. I had an SMC baracade wireless router (2804WBR-CA) that started to just drop my connections after I switched to midco comm from DSL service through my phone company. They (midco) swear that it is not on their end. I actually believe them because if I reset my router (and only my router, cycle power) my connection will be restored. I have 6 PCs on my network with one of them being wireless. I switched to a D-Link (DI-624M) and so far it hasen't dropped my connection but now when I try to use tabbed browsing in Firefox it takes forever for the pages to load...much slower then the SMC, when it was working. Any ideas?...Does anyone have a midco setup that has worked well for them? Thanks in advance.

10-07-2006, 05:11 PM
I am going to bet finding someone with precisely that first hand experience with those products and vendors is going to be very hard to do. Many of the people here, however, could probably help in the diagnostic process if you were willing to describe the problem in detail, along with the associated fixes you have tried.

10-26-2006, 07:35 PM
I scrapped the D-Link and re-installed my SMC router. I have no idea why this problem persists. Basically my router will stop responding. No internet access from any PC connected to it although the little icon in my system tray would indicate a good connection. (Current firmware installed) I even tried to type in the IP address for the router config page with no luck. (several times) If I rebooted any PC it (the re-booted PC) would then indicate a bad network connection in the system tray. At any time if I reboot the router all would be fine for a random amount of time, sometimes 5 mins, an hour, 12 hours, days...very puzzling. I finally got pissed enough that I started to research routers and I called my ISP back and asked them which router they recommended. The guy I talked to said he couldn't recommend one BUT...the one he uses is a Linksys model WRT54GL...that was good enough for me...logged onto pricegrabber...newegg had the best deal shipped and low and behold I have a new router installed and it's working GREAT! I seams to be slightly faster then my SMC and WAY faster then the Linksys. (By the way...they are both for sale)

New question:
While I was shopping for the Linksys I came across a forum concerning DD-WRT...some sort of flash update I can get for the router apparently. Anyone have any experience with DD-WRT? Any thoughts as to if I should flash my Linksys with it?

Thanks in advance.